7 Great Tips For Marketing To Senior Adults

Marketing To Senior Adults

Would marketing to baby boomers and senior adults be a good idea for your small business?

Did you know that the 55 and older population holds the most purchasing power of any consumer group in America?

According to AARP, senior adults control 70% of the disposable income in America!

In a study by Harvard University, it was found that 76.2% of senior adults over age 50 own their homes and 78.7 of seniors over the age of 65 own their homes making the aging adult population an excellent target market for small businesses in the home and service industries.

So what are some ways that you can reach the senior adults in your service area?

Senior adult marketing is different from marketing to other generations, and younger generations spend much more time online and on social media. Not so much for seniors.

Senior adults also spend more time face to face and use technology less.

Here are some ideas and ways to target the senior population to grow your business.

7 Great Tips For Marketing To Senior Adults

1 | Choose Print Marketing

While many seniors are consumers of online media, they are even bigger consumers of print media.

The best ways to reach baby boomers and seniors are newspaper ads, local magazines and directories, and direct mail.

However, marketing to seniors isn’t either-or. Choosing digital and traditional print marketing methods will work best.

2 | Connect With Them Personally

Senior adults like to connect with people and know their service providers. Many of them grew up in an era when it was common to know everyone by first name.

3 | Build Trust

Many senior adults are skeptical about buying products and services for a good reason.

Take time to get to know them so they can be comfortable working with you.

4 | Keep It Simple

Seniors are looking for solutions, not complicated answers. Keep your messaging, products, and services simple.

Focus on what your product or service will help them.

5 | Make It Easy To Contact You

While everyone is busy emailing and texting, senior adults still like to pick up the phone and call you! That’s not to say that many of them don’t email or text because they do!

Make sure your phone number and the rest of your contact information are easy to find.

6 | Use Language They Understand

Whether you are in financial planning, pest control, lawn care, or whatever, make sure you use language that seniors can understand.

A lot has changed in their lifetimes, so clarify your language.

7 | Include A Clear Call To Action

This applies whether you are marketing to senior adults or any other demographic. Be sure to include a clear call to action. Be clear about your intentions, and make sure to spell out and clarify the steps involved with purchasing your product or service.

How will you incorporate marketing to senior adults in your overall marketing plan?

What specific products or services do you offer to benefit baby boomers and senior adults the most?

Contact me to learn more about advertising to seniors and business coaching to help you achieve your business goals.

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